Part 5, Note 9

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Colorado County Tax Rolls, 1856; Colorado County Deed Records, Book H, pp. 82, 357, Book I, pp. 105, 229, 375, 396, 403, 598, 666, 676; Book J, p. 301, Colorado County Probate Records, Final Record Book E, pp. 346, 348-349; Colorado County Bond and Mortgage Records, Book D, p. 212. Grace's land was in the William R. Hunt, William R. Turner, and Bernard Schneider Surveys, Pearsall's and Jarmon's in the Joseph Duty Survey, Adkins' in the Freeman Pettus Survey, Darden's in the Henry Austin Survey, Insall's in the Henry Austin and M. H. Phelps Surveys, Henry's in the Basil G. Ijams Survey, Tooke's and Smith's in the William W. W. Thompson Survey, and Womble's in the James Bowie Survey. Brown also purchased a small part of Joiner's plantation (see Colorado County Deed Records, Book G, p. 305).