Part 5, Note 8

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Colorado County Tax Rolls, 1856; Colorado County Deed Records, Book H, pp. 94, 98, 206, 307, 363, Book I, pp. 289, 290, 398, 701, 702, 712, Book J, p. 30, 123; Campbell Family File, Archives of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, Columbus. Crisp's land was in the James Tumlinson Survey, Harbert's and Taylor's in the John Hadden Survey, Burford's in the James Cummins Lower Hacienda League, Garner's in the Elizabeth Tumlinson Labor and the William B. Dewees Survey, Campbell's in the Elizabeth Tumlinson Survey, James and William J. Wright's in the Rawson Alley Survey, and Fowlkes' in the Cook & Dewees Survey.