Part 5, Note 77

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Colorado Citizen, September 8, 1860, September 15, 1860, September 22, 1860, September 29, 1860, November 3, 1860, January 5, 1861. Those who cancelled their newspaper subscriptions were William B. Roever, William J. Darden, Andrew J. Bonds, William J. Herbert, William Bridge, Thornton Thatcher, John H. Bowers, John T. Harcourt, John G. Logue, Bowers & Goss medical practice, Charles Schmidt, Augustus Jones, C. J. Ward, Robert L. Foard, George Metz, John F. Hicks, Charles Kessler, Nicholas A. Snavely, James G. Newsom, Claiborne Herbert, Henry D. Rhodes, William G. Hunt, A. Boyd Bonds, Charles Ehlinger, and Henry Terrell. Attentive readers will count only 25 names. Perhaps Pluto added two persons to the number of seceders because one of the subscriptions that was cancelled had been taken out by the medical partnership of Bowers and Goss. This would be reasonable, since John H. Bowers and Samuel E. Goss were in fact two persons, except that since Bowers also cancelled his own subscription, he would then be counted twice.