Part 5, Note 7

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Colorado County Tax Rolls, 1851, 1856; Colorado County Probate Records, Final Record Book B, p. 100; Colorado County Marriage Records, Book B, p. 141; Colorado County Deed Records, Book G, p. 271, Book I, pp. 161, 208, 470, 673; Colorado County Bond and Mortgage Records, Book E, p. 20. John G. Montgomery was the son of James S. Montgomery and the brother-in-law of the man who killed his wife's father, George W. Thatcher. William J. Herbert's land was in the Strawschneider Survey, and James Tait's in the Cook & Dewees Survey. Williamson's plantation home was in the Samuel Kennelly Survey. The other two tracts of land he purchased from Turner were in the Leander Beeson Survey and the James Ross Survey. Dunovant and Gordon's land was in the McLain & McNair Survey.
    Montgomery's honeymoon might have been somewhat troubled. Eight days before his wedding, he had assaulted a man named Lewis H. Gaines. Whatever the trouble between them, it apparently was serious enough that when Gaines turned up shot to death on March 8, Montgomery was immediately suspected. He was indicted for both assault and murder. On April 8, 1853, he was convicted of the assault and fined $100. The next day, he was acquitted of the murder (see Colorado County District Court Records, Criminal Cause File No. 118: State of Texas v. John G. Montgomery, Criminal Cause File No. 119: State of Texas v. John G. Montgomery, Minute Book C, pp. 918, 920).