Part 5, Note 68

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Colorado County Deed Records, Book J, p. 443, Book K, pp. 171, 310, 325, 340, 618; Eighth Census of the United States (1860) Schedule 2, Colorado County, Texas; Colorado County Tax Rolls, 1860; Lavaca County Probate Records, File No. 114: Needham W. Eason. Ivey bought the land on August 27, 1859, however, for some reason a second deed was written on January 7, 1860. By then, Ivey had conveyed the land for the school. When she sold a lot on March 2, 1860, the town was still called Prairie Point. Three months later, on June 4, 1860, when she sold another lot, the place is referred to as "Prairie Point (now Oakland)" (see Colorado County Deed Records, Book K, pp. 325, 481, 583, 641).