Part 5, Note 64

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Eighth Census of the United States (1860) Schedule 1, Schedule 2, Colorado County, Texas; Colorado County Tax Rolls, 1860; Frank W. Johnson, Eugene C. Barker, and Ernest William Winkler, A History of Texas and Texans (Chicago and New York: The American Historical Society, 1916), vol. 3, p. 1577; Colorado County District Court Records, Minute Book C2, p. 185; Colorado Citizen, April 6, 1861; Colorado County Deed Records, Book G, p. 342, Book H, pp. 239, 241, 458, 664, Book I, pp. 433, 554, 760, Book J, p. 335, Book M, p. 630. Elizabeth Ehlinger had married Jacob Hahn on July 29, 1849 (see Colorado County Marriage Records, Book B, p. 98). Kessler apparently pursued money-making schemes with great vigor. In 1858, he manufactured flour on his plantation (see Colorado Citizen, June 19, 1858). Kelch, like Kessler, was not really a member of the German community. On September 30, 1847, he had married Ellender Dickson, the widow of both James Dickson and William Earp, who each had owned a considerable number of slaves, and was thus accepted into society (see Colorado County Marriage Records, Book B, pp. 47, 77; Colorado County Probate Records, Final Record Book B, p. 204, Final Record Book C, pp. 14, 16).