Part 5, Note 63

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Eighth Census of the United States (1860), Schedule 1, Colorado County, Texas; Colorado County Deed Records, Book I, p. 252, Book J, p. 59, Book K, p. 511, Book L, p. 5, 7, 9, 59. The census lists 919 persons in the county who were born in places that are considered German. In addition, families with two German-born parents had exactly 500 children who could reasonably be identified as their children but who were born in Texas or some place other than Germany. Thus, there were at least 1419 persons of German descent in the county. The total free, white population was 4324.
    Other tracts along one or the other of the roads which passed through Frelsburg had been sold to George Herder and Caspar Heiman, and another tract in the town to Anna Catherine Rensing (see Colorado County Deed Records, Book I, p. 108, 112, Book G, p. 519, Book L, p. 15). Two of the tracts in town had gone through several owners in just a few years. The tract of 2.56 acres on the southeast side of the crossroads which Frels had sold to Gerhard Heinsohn on August 5, 1853 had been sold by Heinsohn to Jacob Doree on June 14, 1856, and Doree had sold it to Sabath and Moeckel on October 10, 1856. Originally partners, Sabath and Moeckel divided the lot on January 29, 1859 (see Colorado County Deed Records, Book H, p. 566, Book J, pp. 79, 226, Book K, pp. 72, 73). A tract of one acre across the road from it had been purchased from Frels by Friedrich Jacoby on February 19, 1855. Though Jacoby paid only $10 for the acre, he sold it just two days later, to Mathias Beck for $350. Beck sold it to Otell on October 8, 1857 (see Colorado County Deed Records, Book I, pp. 488, 492).