Part 5, Note 45

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Colorado County District Court Records, Final Record Book B, pp. 1137, 1157, 1159, 1165, 1166; Colorado County Tax Rolls, 1855-1858; Colorado County Deed Records, Book I, p. 636, Book J, p. 513, Book K, pp. 505, 512, 514; Eighth Census of the United States (1860), Schedule 1, Colorado County, Texas. Schlopata's land was in the John Martin Survey, that of the Vincent and Johann Silar, Coufal, Marek, and Motl in the James Tyree Survey, that of Pechajek and Kubicek in the Peter Pieper Survey, and that of Joseph Silar in the John McCrosky Survey. According to the deed records, Pechajek and Kubicek did not purchase their farms until 1857 and 1858 respectively, and Marek and Motl did not do so until 1860. However, Pechajek was charged taxes on his farm in 1855, Kubicek and Schlapota in 1856, and the Silars, Motl, Marek, and Coufal in 1857. Coufal's name is given on the 1857 tax roll as "Zofal." Many Czech names are spelled in a variety of ways. Among the variant spellings encountered for Pechajek are Pecashek, Pechacek, Pechaceck, and Pekachek; among those for Silar are Sillar, Schiller, Schillar, Shiller, Scheller, and Sihlar. Kubicek has been written as "Kubyzek" and "Kubjtzek," and Marek as "Marrick." The 1860 census taker recorded Koss as "Guss."
    Of the 162 persons of Czech descent listed by the 1860 census taker, 126 had been born in Europe, specifically, according to the census taker, in Bohemia, and 36 had been born since their parents had arrived in Texas. Czechs constituted about 3.7% of the total free white population of the county in 1860.