Part 5, Note 37

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Colorado Citizen, January 9, 1858; January 23, 1858, February 6, 1858; March 20, 1858, March 27, 1858, June 19, 1858, July 24, 1858, August 28, 1858, November 6, 1858; Letter of James W. Holt, in "Looking Backward: Letters to the Weimar Mercury, 1915," Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal, vol. 6, no. 1, January 1996, p. 56 (or in Weimar Mercury, May 15, 1915). Yates, incidently, was blind. The Columbus Female Seminary probably was the "female Academy" which conducted classes on the second floor of the Methodist church in 1852 and was probably also the school for which a special building was constructed at a cost of "not less than $3,000" in 1853. If so, then the building also served as the meeting hall for the Masonic chapter, for, according to a report written by Hannibal Pratt in 1855 or 1856, the Masonic female school was in "a commodious room . . . fitted up in the lower part of the lodge." Pratt also states that the school had a board of twelve trustees, who "individually obligate[d] themselves to pay $1,500 per annum for the services of a gentleman and lady to teach forty scholars" (see Texas Monument, June 30, 1852, February 16, 1853; Report of Hannibal Pratt, The Spirit of Missions, April 1856, p. 212).