Part 5, Note 21

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Colorado Citizen, October 10, 1857; Colorado County Deed Records, Book H, p. 677, Book J, p. 276; Colorado County Bond and Mortgage Records, Book D, p. 533; Galveston Tri-Weekly News, September 11, 1856; Colorado County Tax Rolls, 1855, 1856, 1857. According to Myrah Jane Draper, until recently, there was a Tatum portrait, of Thornton Thatcher, in existence. However, neglect and the passage of time deteriorated it to such a degree that, a few years ago, it was discarded. It is highly likely that portraits of Charles William Tait and his wife, Louisa Mary Tait, which have remained in the familyís hands, were painted by Tatum. Neither is signed, but they are certainly of the right vintage, and Tatumís plantation had been near Taitís.