Part 5, Note 16

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Colorado County Bond and Mortgage Records, Book E, pp. 96, 116; Colorado County Deed Records, Book J, p. 542. Emaretta Crawford, it will be remembered, was the secret co-author, with William B. Dewees, of Letters from an Early Settler of Texas. She had married Marquis L. Crawford on June 12, 1855. The minister who performed the ceremony is identified as J. A. Kimball and may have been her father (see Colorado County Marriage Records Book C, p. 29. More on J. A. Kimball can be found in Zachariah Nehemiah Morrell, Flowers and Fruits from the Wilderness, (Boston: Gould and Lincoln, 1872), p. 261). The property which the church acquired was part of lot 4, block 75, which is on the corner of Fannin and Washington Streets. That the church had not yet been built by 1860 is confirmed by the 1860 census, which reports that there were only two Lutheran churches in the county (see Eighth Census of the United States (1860) Schedule 6, Colorado County, Texas). One of the two was that built by the Scherer congregation, the so-called American Lutheran Church in Columbus; the other was Trinity Lutheran Church in Frelsburg.