Part 3, Note 5

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Telegraph and Texas Register, October 5, 1836; Dewees, Letters from an Early Settler of Texas, pp. 211-215. Documents in his probate file reveal that Steele rented housing from Benjamin Beeson, apparently beginning in January 1836, though his estate is charged $144 for twelve months rent by the Beesons. The Beesons also charged him for a horse, probably the very one he rode on and which was lost when he was killed assisting them in chasing their runaway slaves. Other documents in the file confirm that he was in Texas by November 1835 (see Colorado County Probate Records, File No. 17: Maxwell Steele). He had served in William Jones Elliott Heard's company at San Jacinto, and the land he received for that service was used to pay the few claims against his estate.