Part 3, Note 48

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Dewees, Letters from an Early Settler of Texas, pp. 251, 253; Telegraph and Texas Register, May 7, 1845; Election Returns, Secretary of State Papers (RG 307), Texas State Archives, Austin; Journals of the Convention Assembled at the City of Austin on the Fourth of July, 1845, for the Purpose of Framing a Constitution for the State of Texas (Austin: Miner & Cruger, 1845. Facsimile reprint. Austin: Hart Graphics, 1974), pp. 3, 377; Colorado County District Court Records, Civil Cause File No. 361: George W. Brown v. James S. Montgomery; Colorado County Marriage Records, Book B, p. 71; Colorado County Probate Records, Final Record Book C, pp. 143-144, 199-200; Colorado County Deed Records, Book F, p. 273, Book G, p. 121, Book H, pp. 308, 323; Colorado County Bond & Mortgage Records, Book D, p. 159. Elizabeth C. Brown was to remarry, to Edward Musgrove Glenn, an attorney some eighteen years older than herself, on June 18, 1851 (see Lavaca County Marriage Records, Book A, p. 52). Elizabeth Glenn's obituary, in the May 22, 1884 issue of the Colorado Citizen, provides her birthdate, April 1, 1828.