Part 3, Note 39

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James Wilmer Dallam, A Digest of the Laws of Texas Containing a Full and Complete Compilation of the Land Laws Together with the Opinions of the Supreme Court (1845. Reprint. Austin: Gammel-Statesman Publishing Co., 1904), pp. 473-486; Minutes of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Texas from January Term 1841, Texas State Archives, Austin; Gammel, comp., The Laws of Texas 1822-1897, vol. 2, pp. 683-684; Election Returns, Secretary of State Papers (RG 307), Texas State Archives, Austin; Colorado County Deed Records, Book D, p. 332, Book E, pp. 48-51. The case was styled Stockton v. Montgomery when it was considered by the supreme court. Curiously, though the report of the case specifies that it was appealed from Colorado County, no mention of the case occurs in the Colorado County district court records, nor does any cause file seem to be extant.