Part 3, Note 3

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Hans Peter Nielsen Gammel, comp., The Laws of Texas 1822-1897, (Austin: The Gammel Book Company, 1898), vol. 1, p. 1079; Colorado County Deed Records, Book A, pp. 1, 43, Book E, pp. 575-576, Book F, pp. 246-247; Judgement of the United States District Court, Thomas J. Henderson and Alexander C. Henderson v. James C. Abell and William J. Jones, Original Land Grant Collection, Colorado 1-82, Archives and Records Division, Texas General Land Office, Austin; Colorado County District Court Records, Civil Cause File No. 1: Peter G. Silvey v. John Byrne. Byrne had also purchased much of the James Tumlinson Survey north of the river, but quickly sold it. He bought that land on February 28, 1832 and sold it, to Amos Alexander, on April 16, 1834 (see Colorado County Deed Records, Book A, p. 226, Translated Book A, p. 44).