Part 3, Note 27

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Dewees, Letters from an Early Settler of Texas, p. 236; Colorado County Deed Records, Book B, p. 291; W. Eugene Hollon and Ruth Lapham Butler, eds., William Bollaert's Texas (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1956), p. 183. Whitfield, who was apparently a land speculator, made several land deals in Colorado County in early 1840. On January 29, 1840, he bought an undivided one half interest in four blocks in Columbus and in large tracts outside the city from Dewees, on condition that he or some other purchaser buy the property outright before January 24, 1841. He made a similar deal with John Louber Gilder six days later. Between those deals, he purchased the 1476 acre tract that Leander Beeson was entitled to by virtue of a certificate issued to him by the Colorado County Board of Land Commissioners, but had not yet patented (see Colorado County Deed Records, Book B, pp. 265, 277, 285; Colorado County Book of Land Certificates, p. 47).