Part 3, Note 24

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Matagorda Bulletin, October 18, 1838, March 14, 1839, May 9, 1839; William C. McKinstry, The Colorado Navigator (Matagorda: Colorado Gazette, 1840), p. [ii]; Richmond Telescope, July 3, 1839; Petition of the Citizens of the Colorado Valley, n. d. [c. 1843], Memorials and Petitions, Texas State Archives, Austin. Besides Wadham, two of the other men at the small convention, Colin De Bland and Joseph Worthington Elliott Wallace, had intimate connections to Colorado County. The men described themselves as delegates, though it is not apparent that they were elected or appointed by anybody. Their published resolutions declared that "the construction of a Rail Road from Houston to the Brazos operates directly against the best local interests of Western Texas to the aggrandizement of the former place alone" and that "the present Houston and Brazos Rail Road is intended to be made an individual means of monopoly and speculation."