Nesbitt Memorial Library
Columbus, Texas

Last Updated December 10, 2015
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Church Records

These records are part of the collection of the Nesbitt Memorial Library. Click on the links below to view transcriptions of or indexes to some of the records.

Protestant Congregation of Industry, Cummins Creek, and Cat Spring, Texas (established 1841): Baptisms, marriages, deaths, and other records, 1841-1844

Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Frelsburg (established 1844): Records of baptisms 1847-1857, confirmations 1848, 1850, marriages 1847-1879, burials 1847-1881, with indexes and transcriptions by Marilyn Hrncir. 
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First United Methodist Church, Columbus (established 1845): Records of baptisms, marriages, and burials, plus membership rolls and quarterly conference reports, 1895-1999.

Luther Chapel, Columbus (established 1854): Records of baptisms 1855-1871, marriages 1853-1871, deaths 1855-1875, and confirmations 1857-1869, plus membership lists and other records.

Trinity Lutheran Church, Frelsburg (established 1855): Records of baptisms 1841-1963, burials 1889-1964, communions 1894-1964, marriages 1896-1963, and confirmations 1901-1964; minutes of the congregation 1862-1968; minutes of the church council 1855-1893; financial records 1855-1947.
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St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ross Prairie (established 1855): Records of baptisms 1855-1963, confirmations 1852-1963, marriages 1861-1963, burials 1861-1963.

St. John's Episcopal Church, Columbus (established 1856): Records of baptisms 1874-1982, confirmations 1875-1987, marriages 1876-1988, burials 1875-1973, plus lists of members and other records; assorted administrative records and bulletins, 1928-1986.

St. Roch Catholic Church, Mentz (established 1857): Records of baptisms 1860-1899, burials 1862-1938, and marriages 1860-1900, with indexes by Arliss Treybig. 
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Methodist Episcopal Church, South, of Osage (established 1870): Records of baptisms 1878-1922, deaths 1879-1890, marriages 1880-1907, list of pastors 1879-1924, lists of members.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Fayetteville: Records of baptisms, 1871-1883.

United Methodist Church of Eagle Lake (established 1872): Records of baptisms and marriages, plus membership rolls 1873-1950.

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, Nada (established 1882): Records of baptisms 1901-1986, deaths 1901-1989, marriages 1901-1946.

First United Methodist Church, Weimar: Records of baptisms, 1894-1979, marriages 1894-1979, deaths 1892-1990, lists of members and pastors.

Christ Episcopal Church, Eagle Lake: Records of baptisms, marriages, confirmations, and burials, 1924-1994; lists of members and pastors, register of church services, 1938-1945.

Zoar Lutheran Church, Mentz: Records of baptisms 1905-1945, confirmations 1907-1942, marriages 1904-1946, deaths 1908-1973, with lists of communicants and members of the congregation.

First Presbyterian Church of Eagle Lake, Texas (established 1909): Lists of pastors, elders, and members, plus records of baptisms, marriages, and deaths, 1909-1996.

St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, Columbus (established 1919): Lists of pastors, church council members, and congregation members, plus records of communions, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and funerals from 1919-1990.

Grace Lutheran Church, Eagle Lake (established 1935): Lists of pastors, officers of the congregation, members of the congregation, baptisms from 1990-2002, confirmations from 1979-1993, marriages from 1979-1995, and burials from 1979-1998.